Geoffrey's 2010 Tour of Brighton and Hove

Pavilion Gardens Cafe

By Geoffrey Mead

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Photo:The Pavilion Gardens Cafe

The Pavilion Gardens Cafe

Photo by Geoffrey Mead

Meeting friends and acquaintances

How Brighton is this! I have been a customer and friend of the café for years. The made–on- the-premises Rock Cakes are a joy as is the properly strong tea. If you spend long enough at the café you see so many friends and acquaintances, it is like a London gentleman’s club!

Perfect at any time of the day

The perfect place for an early morning cuppa as the city is opening up, the sun shining and the squirrels chasing. Mid morning for a coffee and a cake, young mums with buggies and babies and the squirrels chasing about. Mid-day for a sandwich and ice cream with a sensible-music busker under the trees and squirrels chasing about. Late afternoon as the staff are folding up chairs and tables the westering sun full on the Pavilion and the squirrels chasing about.

A 'Brighton' experience

David Sewell and his long standing team are ‘family’ to so many. I always recommend it as a ‘Brighton’ experience for newcomers to visit. Who needs multi-national chains? We have the Pavilion Gardens café….and the pesky pigeons!

Pavilion Gardens

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What I love about the Pav Gardens cafe is that it's one tiny bit of Brighton that simply hasn't changed one iota over the decades. My mother and grandmother used to take me and my sister there in the mid-1950s, and we would sit on the lawn (which seemed large to us small people) and eat Smith's crisps, the ones with the salt in a little twist of blue paper - the only flavour available in those days! And as a special treat, one of the famous rock cakes. If I remember rightly a brass band would sometimes play at the Pavilion end of the lawn. This was of course before the remodelling of the grounds to the original design. It's great that the little Art Deco cafe building survived the revamp, and even better that it's still selling crisps and rock cakes. Long may it continue to do so.

By Len Liechti (23/06/2010)

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