Sally's 2010 Tour of Brighton and Hove

Marina western breakwater

By Sally Dench

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Photo:Brighton Marina: western breakwater

Brighton Marina: western breakwater

Photo by Tony Mould

Imposing curves of concrete

When I first came to live in Brighton, I regarded Brighton Marina not exactly as a monstrosity, but not as a particularly attractive development. However, I have come to admire the shape of the breakwaters – the imposing and powerful curves of concrete.

Marking my way home

Walking home from central Brighton along the seafront, the western breakwater is always in view. It is a focus which marks my progress home. The skyscapes and cloud shapes above are so varied and can make the walk almost into a meditation. This past year the clouds have been even more interesting than usual, or maybe this is just me becoming increasingly conscious of them.

Listening on stormy night

I particularly love watching the breakwater in bad weather; the waves breaking over and through the concrete structures. Lying in bed on stormy nights, it is exciting to hear the roughness of the sea close by but comforting to be safe in the warm and dry.

Brighton Marina: western breakwater

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