Sally B's 2010 Tour of Brighton and Hove

Fitzhardinge House: 84/85 Marine Parade

By Sally Blann

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Photo:Fitzhardinge House

Fitzhardinge House

Photo by Tony Mould

An amazing view

The Grade II listed terrace of houses where I live, was built in the mid-1820s and was formerly known as Marine Terrace. I moved here with my family in 2005 and have been very happy here. The view from the front of the flat is amazing, particularly at night when the sun dips over Brighton Pier and all the lights come on.

A view of seafront activities

We also enjoy looking out from our windows onto events in Madeira Drive below such as the Vintage Car Run, the classic car rallies and the firework displays on Saturday summer nights. From Easter to the end of September, the Volks railway runs along its little track from the Aquarium to Black Rock, the siren sounding as it passes over the crossing near my flat. It’s a sound I miss over the winter months when it’s not running.

Escape to the garden

When the sea front seems too hectic, there’s always the garden at the back of the terrace to escape to. It’s one third of an acre and is shared by just numbers 84 and 85. Legend has it that the owner of the two houses won this parcel of land from his neighbours after a game of cards but this is probably an apocryphal tale.

A home for all seasons

Facing the sea, we obviously bear the full brunt of the wind and weather in the autumn and winter. My partner, John, is a weather fanatic and loves to watch the storms sweeping over the Channel. Summer or winter, quiet or busy, this is certainly a home for all seasons and I love it!    

Marine Parade

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