Sally B's 2010 Tour of Brighton and Hove

Brighton Marina

By Sally Blann

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Photo:Marina Boardwalk and restaurants

Marina Boardwalk and restaurants

Photo by Tony Mould

Love it or hate it?

Love it or hate it, Brighton Marina is here to stay, though in what form remains to be seen. I probably spend more time here than I should, given Brighton’s many attractions, but it’s undeniably convenient being only a fifteen minute walk from home and one of the very few locations with guaranteed (and free) parking.

Architectural monstrosities

There are plenty of architectural monstrosities such as the Asda supermarket and the massive car park and it can seem pretty dreary and windswept in the winter but I enjoy coming here in the summer. With a bit of imagination, you can almost imagine yourself on the continent when the sun is shining and you’re sitting outside one of the boardwalk cafes.

Brisk and breezy walk

It’s handy for the cinema and bowling and has a good range of restaurants. The breakwater is great for a brisk and breezy walk and I’m always intrigued by the amazing boats for sale moored there: the cost of some of them is incredible! Shopping here is a disappointing experience and a lost opportunity for retailers to provide better amenities for the many visitors who flock to the Marina at weekends at as well as those of us who live in the area.                                                                                       

Brighton Marina

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