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I went to St Mary's for 2 years around '74 to '76 which was at the top of my street (Hereford) before it was demolished and we all went over to Queen's park middle school which had just changed from a senior school! I remember the play ground being brighly painted with fun cartoon drawings. I used to love the old alleyway (very Dickensian) behind the school leading down to St. Mary's church which we attended each Thursday.

By Layton Burbidge (20/07/2012)

It is so sweet to see these photos. I was happy at St Mary's. I will always remembering racing out to the playground to go on the climbing bars and play with my friend Karen Hubbard and Angie Leach. I also remember the boys being in the top playground and them being banned from playing Boritish Bulldog. I was also good friends with the lovely sweet Beverly Burbridge.

By Lisa Macrorie nee Watts (10/12/2012)

I attended the school upto the time it shut down and I helped move upto Queens Park. The headmaster was called Mr Gardener. I was one of the lads in the top play ground running around and having fun. These were happy days and we were lucky to be part of it all really, it helped shape our lives and make us the people we are today.

By Neville Chambers (16/12/2012)

I attended St Mary's from 1961-65 happy memories. The only person I remember was Linda Gillam my childhood sweetheart. And my God, do I remember Mr Gardiner.

By Steve Humphrey (27/01/2013)

I remember St Mary's - it was a great school. Mr Gardner was brill. I used to live down St Mary's Place.

By Pauline Levett (25/03/2013)

I went to St Mary's when I was 7 and left when I was 10ish as we moved. I was their in 1953/4 till 1957/8. I do remover Mr Gardener but he was a teacher then and I think the headmaster was a Mr Cooper when I was there. I remember the smell of cooking doughnuts from the Clarks bakery that was at the top of the road. My dad worked there a we would enjoy the cakes when he brought them home. I lived in Park Street next to the old bus garage and the public baths. I remember a girl named Pat Kelly I think she lived in Lavender Street. I also remember going to the church especially at Christmas time to sing carols.

By Mary Taylor nee davies (20/05/2013)

I remember you Steve - you were younger then me and had an older brother Pete. You lived near Rosie Howell, Pauline and Barbie Kelly and a girl lived opposite you called Isabel. I remember Mr Gardener's ruler across the back of the legs for talking in assembly.

By Carol Vardy nee Brown (27/10/2013)

I went to St Mary's the same time as Steve Humphrey we are about the same age. I remember Mr Gardener`s ruler very well and I deserved it. Hi Steve hope you and your family are ok. I lived in Montague Place at the end of Somerset Street. 

By Paul Briggs (30/12/2013)

Hello there. How nice to find the old school. I lived in Egremont Place and came to school late 53 to 1956-57. I knew Pat Kelly quite well but no idea what happen to her. Ran for school at Withdean with Heather Ruffle. Used to pop into the sweet shop to get 1p sweets. Still keep in touch with one of my old school friends.

By Margaret Wwood ( Phillips ) (01/01/2014)

I am one of the churchwardens at St Mary's Church. We are founding a Friends of St Mary's Church to help raise funds for the building's restoration and to improved facilities to support more use of the church for community and arts events. We would love to meet anyone who has memories, photos, etc. of the church and the old primary school. We are holding a launch party for the Friends on Tuesday, 25 February 2014, 5.30 - 7 pm. Entry is free and everybody is welcome.

By Katherine Prior (06/02/2014)

Yes, remember going to the church regularly - it was Reverend Bacon at the time - and I was friendly with his daughter, Charlotte.

By Carol Vardy (nee Brown) (08/02/2014)

I was at this school 1945/1949. I didn't like any of the teachers and they didn't like me. I had to go church once a week. I was accused of things i did not do. I was told I would never do well in life. I went on to Queens Park and ended up a successful builder. I proved them all wrong.

By John Teale (22/10/2014)

I went to the school and was friends with Terry Burbidge, Alison Field, Patricia Sivelle (can't remember the spelling!), Maxine Clarke, Tina Offord. I remember we had a great netball team, and remember I was in a relay race at Withdean with Alison and Patricia, and we had our picture put into the Evening Argus. The caretaker was Mr Izzard I think, and Mr Gardiner the Head was absolutely terrifying. How he carried on - it wouldn't be allowed today! Mrs Hoyle was the music teacher and played the piano in our morning assembleys. Ar, lovely times.

By Amanda Marks (30/01/2015)

I went to St. Mary's in the fifties which was just at the time Mr Gardner arrived. He started teaching the top form. The Headmaster then was a Mr Cooper. I also remember a Miss Pace, a classic elderly spinster lady Teacher who was often challenged by some of the rowdy kids, she taught the third form. We played football on the hard playgrounds and got pretty good with tennis balls and the like but any time we played on grass against some of the newer schools we usually got slaughtered. It was the same way with cricket.

By Robert Ducharme (02/06/2015)

Bob, that brings back memories of playing cricket against Woodingdean. Most of us were facing a hard cricket ball for the first time and someone had to be wicket keeper, poor bloke. We never practiced. The same applied trying to kick the old hard leather football; our football boots with the hard toe caps were lethal weapons too. Our best chance to do well was to play against a school with similar playgrounds, but successes were so rare I cannot recall any! I suppose we enjoyed it especially when it was freezing cold and wet.

By Dennis Parrett (03/06/2015)

So interested to read the above comments.  I attended St Mary's from 1943 to 1945 then on to Park Street, leaving in Dec. 1950. In my day the headmaster was Mr Cooper. I recall the potent fumes of Guinness from a bottling plant just down from the school. Reverend Kingston was the vicar of St Mary's where I was in the choir. Our home was 8 Upper St James's Street, looking down Wyndam Street, which is now a block of flats.

By Brian Payne (05/06/2016)

I was there in the late 50s although  too old to remember which years. Mr Cooper was headmaster and Mr Gardner in charge of the top form. I think thu morning we had to go to St. Mary's church and listen to Reverend Bacon. There was the brewery to the south of Mount Street and Platts joinery, Fyffes banana warehouse opposite, and Ogdens bakery at the top of the road. Happy days

By John Sims (08/06/2016)

Hi all. Went to St. Marys in the fifties and was in the same class as Margaret Phillips and Mary Davies - hope you are both well?  Played football for the school and still wince when I remember that leather ball. Had a few wacks from Mr. Gardener, probably made me a better person.  When I eventually left school I went in the army for nine years, so schooling and school friends gave me a good career. Best teacher: Miss Miles (wow).

By Gerald Jellicoe (07/01/2017)

I was there! 1944 to 1948.  Mr Cooper was the headmaster and Miss Watts was 2/IC.  Miss Pace was there - a typical spinster teacher who could have come from pages in the Beano. We had church on Thursday morning.  Rev. Kingston was the vicar.  I lived in Tillstone Street just five minutes away.  Happy days.  I fell in love there for the first time.  Ann Gruscelle.  A pretty girl with blonde hair.  She probably married a millionaire, which wasn't me.  I passed the scholarship exam and went to Varndean.

By Alan Hillman (18/03/2017)

I must have been there at the same time as John Teale but, although your name does ring a faint bell, I don't recall you. I was only physically punished once at St Mary's by a woman teacher called Miss Wilkins. Don't recall my crime, but she made me pull down my socks and in front of the class she smacked the backs of by legs twice - and, yes, it hurt.

By Alan Hillman (19/03/2017)

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