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I am second from the right, front row.

By Sue Loveridge (17/08/2010)

Dear Sue, the girl at the end of the second row on the left is my sister Anne, she liked to be called Annie. She had an amazing head of thick auburn hair, was beautiful, clever and very funny. Annie was born 15th April 1950 and we sadly lost her on the 9th June 2010. It's great to see this image of her that we haven't got, I know her daughter will cherish this. Many thanks.

By Jean Lofts nee Sutton (21/08/2010)

Hello Jean, after Pelham Street I went on to Stanford Road Junior School. If Annie attended there as well, you might see further pictures of her as I have posted class photos of my time there. [Click here to see these photos.]

By Sue Loveridge (nee Shires) (29/08/2010)

I am the little girl on the back row at the end on the left, wearing the tartan dress. I used to spend a lot of time chasing my boyfriend Peter around the playground (I don't think he wanted to be my boyfriend for some reason). I also remember I got into trouble one day for by going into the boys' toilets by mistake. The headmistress was Miss Webster and my teacher was Miss Hole. We moved out of central Brighton in about 1956 and I went on to Carden School.

By Jan Sinkfield nee Suillivan (23/01/2011)

I attended the school until 1955. I have a picture of the class and also one of us attending (I think) Whipsnade Zoo. There is a picture of Mrs Webster and other teachers whose names escape me. I left there and went to Fairlight Primary until I left to come to Zimbabwe in 1961.

By Kelvin Byrne (28/05/2012)

After further looking at photos I see that I am mistaken my picture very similar to the one above is of Class Four 1956 so that means I must have been there later than I thought. I was born in 1951 and I can't really remember exactly what year I went to Fairlight Junior. I don't know if any one can assist please.

By Kelvin Byrne (20/06/2012)

Hi Sue, I went to Pelham Street Infants - my birthday is 29.09.1949 and, as a September birthday, was one of the oldest. Perhaps a year ahead of you. I remember my first day at school falling for a boy with a shock of blonde hair named Roger Green. I don't think he returned my love! Like you I went on to Stanford Road until I was 10 years old. I don't recognise myself in any pictures but my sister thinks I am the little girl on the far left of the front row shielding her eyes.

By Pamela Kent (01/03/2013)

It is great to know these pictures have produced some memories - thank you for the posts.

By Sue Loveridge (16/11/2014)

I am the girl 4th on the left, front row. Christine Cozens, nee Buxton.


By Christine Cozens (13/10/2015)

I too went to Pelham Street - we must have met as I was born in 1949. I remember Miss Webster, Miss Hole and Miss Gabitas. I was Carol Hollick then, and now Carol Hardy. I went on to Middle Street school, and then Margaret Hardy.

By Carol Hardy (13/04/2016)

Hi Sue, having found myself in 3 Stanford Road Photos I now appear in a Pelham Infants, top row, 3rd left. I was there from '54 - '57 but don't recall much, not even names. I do remember though walking down Trafalgar Street, as I lived in Guildford Street, every day, rain or shine. I also remember class milk, and sleeping every afternoon in the hall. The only pupil thing I recall was that a girl lived in the almost end cottage in Pelham Street and that the house is still standing even after all the demolition in that area. Any one else recall anything to jog my addled brain?

By John Ledward (18/09/2017)

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