Brighton and Hove Revisited

Thomas Allen: Norfolk Mews Job Master c1903

By Jennifer Drury

Dating from c1903

The picture shows a view into Norfolk Mews, looking northwards from the bend in Norfolk Street. It dates to around 1903 and about the only feature which is still discernible today is the back of the houses in Sillwood Street, showing behind the clock.

Photo:Advertisement for TP Allen

Advertisement for TP Allen

From the private collection of Andy Grant

Thomas Patrick Allen: Job-master

At the time the photo was taken, Thomas Patrick Allen was a Job-master and ran the Livery Stables there. Born in 1846 in Ledbury, Herefordshire he came to Brighton shortly after his marriage in 1880. Here he took over the Norfolk Hotel yard and stabling business from Isaac Silverthorne. A few years after the photo was taken Thomas's son joined the business and the company took over the running of the renowned Dupont's Riding Academy.

Advent of motor transportation

Upon the death of Thomas in 1916, his son continued for a brief period, but the business was in terminal decline at that time due to the advent of motor transportation. For a number of years the Mews served as the garages for the Norfolk Hotel, but have since been given over to residential development.

Research kindly supplied by Andy Grant

Photo:Norfolk Mews c1903

Norfolk Mews c1903

From the private collection of Councillor Geoffrey Wells

Photo:Norfolk Mews; photographed in 2010

Norfolk Mews; photographed in 2010

Photo by Tony Mould

Norfolk Mews

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