Fawcett School, York Place

The Bison Club c1959

By Fred Hards

I wonder if anybody recognizes themselves in this photo taken in the lounge of the Bison Club of Fawcett School?

I am standing at the back. Can you put names to the other fellows? If you can please leave a comment below.

Photo:Relaxing in the Bison Club

Relaxing in the Bison Club

From the private collection of Fred Hards

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The lad, seemingly asleep in the middle is, I am pretty sure, Bill Boxall. Standing on the right might be "Tich" Freeman but I am not sure. I was well and truly in the RAF by the time that this photo was taken.

By Raymond (Dickie) Bird (10/02/2011)

From left to right I think.... (possibly) - Ray Bevan - Alfie (John) White - Bill Boxall - Geoff Flint - "Tich" Freeman or was it Roger Long! Fred was, of course, standing at the back.

By Chris Simms (22/02/2011)

You have jogged my memory, Chris. Standing on the right I reckon is Roger (Spud) Taylor.

By Fred Hards (25/02/2011)

Hi Freddie, long time no see. I am not in the picture but would love to catch up with you as I am currently visiting the UK with Hannah and will be here until September. I am in Brighton during the first two weeks of June. The email address is for my friends where I am currently staying. Really hoping to hear from you. Jim and Hannah Brown, The Bison Club 1950-1955

By Jim Brown (29/05/2011)

My name is Peter Butcher, I am on the left of the Picture. I can confirm Alfie White, Bill Boxall and Geoff flint. 55 years, time really does fly. There must be some other `Fifth form failures´ other than Chris Simms and myself. We all are around 70 now so the clock is ticking. Write something

By Peter Butcher (16/01/2014)