Whitehawk Primary School

Class photograph 1953

By Steve Tugwell

Can you recognise yourself or someone else in this classroom group from 1953?

If you can help, please leave a comment below.

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Photo:Whitehawk Primary School

Whitehawk Primary School

From the private collection of Steve Tugwell

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I too went to Whitehawk primary. I can't remember any names, but the kid on the left in the back row, with the curly hair lived in Wiston Close or lane. I know this because he can be seen in pictures I have posted of the coronation street party in Wiston close, Whitehawk.

By Eric Cook (03/02/2011)

I'm 4th one from the right in the back row, haven't got a clue who else is there!

By Steve Tugwell (04/02/2011)

Browsing through this site and I came across what looks like my 'auntie Sandra'. Back then she would have been Sandra Steele. She is married to who I call 'my uncle Eric'! That being Eric Fogden (not Fogdon) who appears in another photo. They live in Brighton area still, as does my dad, Peter ' tweet' Steele who I would love to have seen in a photo but can't make him out. He was born Dec 1945. Oh - and Sandra is second from right, sitting on chair, in the white! I will be showing them tomorrow.

By Jason Steele (21/11/2012)

Is the lad sitting on the far right in the front row Billy Ticehurst's brother?

By Mick Peirson (22/11/2012)

Yes, that is Roger Ticehurst, brother to Billy / Bill. They had another brother, David, but he sadly died some years ago.

By James Type (09/01/2014)

I used to do a paper round at the same shop as Billy Ticehurst. It was at Nash's in Whitehawk Road. If I remember rightly Billy had the uphill Wilson Avenue round which I believe ended up near to his home.

By Mick Peirson (10/01/2014)

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