St Luke's School: St Luke's Terrace

Boxing Team 1951/52

By Kathleen Catt

This is the St Luke’s School Boxing Team. They won the Brighton Championship which was staged at The Dome in 1951/52

Left hand standing – Mr Bowden (Trainer) - Right hand standing - Mr Wilson (Trainer)


Standing – left to right

Crump – Tony Catt – John West – J.Burchenall - Paine ? – Westgate ? Tatton ? – Michael James – Ernest Baker

Seated – left to right

Jenkinson -  ? – Mr Mills(Head Master) – Tony Bowles – Vinall ?

Were you in this team? Maybe you can recognise one of your old classmates? If you have any memories of the boxing team to share, please leave a comment below.

Apologies for the quality of the photograph, but the faces are very clear and if you click on the photo, it will open a large version in another window.


Photo:St Luke's School Boxing Team 1951-52

St Luke's School Boxing Team 1951-52

From the private collection of Kathleen Catt

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Comments about this page

Far right seated is my dad, Brian Vinall 

By Tracey Rose nee Vinall (07/03/2018)

Hello Tracey, my brother Billy (named as Crump) on the left was one of his mates.

By Geoff Wells (12/03/2018)

Billy Crump was my best friend at school, I knew all of these kids.

By Terry Langford (12/06/2018)

It was me that got Brian Vinall to have a crew cut. We were in class 2A and we both had them. 

By Terry Langford (14/06/2018)

Hello Terry, I know a few more of those in that photo and are still in contact with Ernie Baker enjoying a pint or three. He also has a perfect copy of the same photo. I can be contacted by email geoffrey.wells1@gmail .com

By Geoff Wells (15/06/2018)

Hi Tracey, I recognised Brian Vinyl straight away, also John West. I was in the Queens Park boxing team but I am a year younger than Brian. I have a photograph of myself, my classmate Tracey Andrew, Brian Vinyl and Brian Goble posing together on Plymouth Hoe I believe when we had all reached the semi-final of the all England Schoolboy Boxing Championship's.

I expect it was a first. Four boys all from the same town getting that far in the competition.

I also have a couple of group pictures from them we went on the first schoolboy boxing tour to Cardiff, Preston and Liverpool.

By Rob Yelland (10/07/2018)

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