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Nice contribution Peter and looking down the list of K & T apprentices was also a nice reminder of the times. In the photos the instructors look like Mr Barr and Mr Woodhouse respectively, also those milling machines look so small compared to the machines we found when we moved to the K & T factory. The story about the School Road canteen made me laugh as I thought the cheese in the rolls was as thin as cigarette paper too. I seem to remember that the man who ran the School Road canteen was called Ron. Peter, I see that the photos are from Gil Percy, if you are still in contact with him; send my regards please.

By Michael Brittain (13/04/2011)

You have a brilliant memory Mick, the faces of the two instructors I remembered, but not the names! Now you have reminded me, I do remember 'Woodhouse' but not 'Barr'. As young lads the machines looked awesome, but by the time we got to the factory, I think it was soon forgotten or not even considered, its only now when I look at the photos I think "were they really that small, more like model making machines". The truth is somewhere between, they did a job, to teach young lads how to cut metal, but not suitable for the size of components we had at K&T! It reminds me of another story about Brighton Technical College and K&T. Probably I was in the last year, which went past my 20th birthday, and was at Richmond Place. K&T had a big input into the college, because they had so many apprentices there at any one time. Apparently they had complained that the lads were only being taught how to take tiddly cuts, and not being shown the true capability of the machines. Anyway during an evening class, the lecturer set up a large lathe in the Richmond Place workshop, to take a cut 1" deep at a feedrate so fierce that the swarf came off thick, red hot and quickly filled the workshop with smoke. The lathe screeched and ground to a halt and we had to quickly evacuate the workshop! Of course all the lads nipped round to the pub, I think it was the Freebutt, although it may have had a different name, while the smoke dispersed! Yes still in touch with Gil, speak to him on the phone, he would love to hear from any of his young lads. He actually did such a good job on so many, and had a big influence on us all!

By Peter Groves (14/04/2011)

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