Patcham Fawcett School

Photographed prior to demolition

By Derek Neal

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Photo:House (H) block from the middle quad

House (H) block from the middle quad

Photo by Derek Neal

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I've said it before but a terrible building this was. Nothing was right about it.

By Edward Castle-Herbert (05/12/2012)

Looking around Brighton and Hove- indeed nationally I suppose it was a typical sixties creation. When you look at some of the other monstrosities of that era. Whoever designed New England house, the multi storey car parks that litter this city and The Sussex heights have a lot to answer for! When one remembers the Attree villa (the former Xaverian college) which could have been re-furbished we should realise what was lost!

By Richard J. Szypulski (14/12/2012)

I think it was known as H block. Mr Ingham's room was on upper left hand side that was a dining room as well.

By Lee Richardson (16/05/2016)

I left in '84 - best day of my life.... hated that place, apart from Davies, best teacher ever.

By John (12/08/2016)

H Block was horrible. It doubled up as the dining rooms, so first lesson after lunch used to stink, usually of cabbage. I was there bottom right at the back for 2 years 77-79. Mr Atkinson was our form and English teacher.

By Leo (25/03/2017)