Patcham Fawcett School

Photographed prior to demolition

By Derek Neal

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Photo:Water tower behind the house block.

Water tower behind the house block.

Photo by Derek Neal

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I remember some of the boys would have a smoke in the bottom of the water tower!

By Terry Marshall (07/11/2011)

Player's No 6, Woodbines, etc. All purchased quite readily from vending machines in those days.

By David Scott (17/11/2011)

I was one of them

By Tony White 80 - 84 (17/11/2011)

Patcham Fawcett was not an easy school but all we old boys who served our time there have at least some memories, some fond- others not so. Good days 

By Craig Davis (20/11/2011)

What an inspiring vista.They don't make them like that any more for sure.

By Edward Castle-Herbert (05/12/2012)

I was there 82-85. We used to take mini bottles of vodka & whisky to enjoy with our fags at lunch time over the Deeside fields!

Memories of Ratty, Miss Dockerell, the cane & fights with Falmer & Stringer...aaahhh happy days!

By keiron (23/03/2018)