Patcham Fawcett School

Photographed prior to demolition

By Derek Neal

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Photo:Looking towards H block from the library

Looking towards H block from the library

Photo by Derek Neal

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It was both good and sad to see the old school again. I remember going to see the school when it was nearly completed and then being one of the first pupils. In comparison to the old Fawcett in York Place it was a world apart. I have vivid memories of the building particularly the white tiled plastic floors and being strapped for making marks with my shoes, great architectural design. But most of all was the great school meals. I moved away from Brighton for many years but now live in Patcham. I walk through what was the playing fields to Asda repeatedly telling my grandchildren this is where I played football and cricket lately. For some reason they do not want to share my nostalgia.

By John Tulloch (13/11/2011)

Many "happyish " days at Fawcett- loved playing football there ,especially when we got the chance to play against a teachers select team. Miss it really,so sad it's gone.

By Craig Davis (20/11/2011)

Thank you Derek Neal for these wonderful pictures of the rather strange sight of Fawcett School resembling a creepier land locked version of the Mary Celeste. In this picture it seems to send a shiver up your spine looking at the old house blocks and expecting Burt White, Frank Ingham, or even Jazz Bolton to burst forth at any minute brandishing a very painfully administered plimsoll or strap to any small boy who dared to let his presence be known.

By Chris Groom (28/11/2011)

I went to Fawcett from 74 to 78 and I hated the place. If you have ever seen the film Kez, Fawcett was just like that. Wish they had flattened it prior to 74.

By Andy (06/03/2012)

Hi Andy, it seems I left the year you first went to Patcham Fawcett, and as you say I was glad to leave. The one thing Fawcett seems to do to all of its past inmates is leave a very deep and lasting memory, with most glad to leave as soon as possible. And although there were funny and happy times, it mostly consisted of being, slippered, strapped, punched or similarly assaulted on a daily basis by certain teachers. It just goes to show that you can't beat intelligence into small school boys.

By Chris Groom (18/03/2012)

Yes great architectural design. So great that it leaked when we moved in and as far as I recall continued to do so. No one had bothered to notice that a central stock room had not been provided so part of the library had to be used instead. Covered ways allowed rain to be blown at you so you got wet going from one class room to another. Oh and in case I forget, part of the room to the swimming pool fell in narrowly missing a teacher and several pupils. Altogether a combination of poor design and poor build. Yes a masterly design and a period classic that brings a tear to my eye. Now just why did I decide against an architectural career?

By Edward Castle-Herbert (05/12/2012)

Pupil from Sept 1979 to May 1983 - learnt life skills:

1. Racism 2. Avoiding bullies 3. Making friends - who I still think of 30 years on! I left Fawcett with an O level in Art and drove past today with the kids and thanked God other kids don't have to endure the same. I was caned twice for going down to Maggie Aggi's! Good to see the back of it .  

By Shah Amin (07/09/2014)

I totally agree with Andy's, Chris Groom's and Shah Amin's comments - I couldn't have put it better myself.  Time served 1980-84  (caned 5 times); 1980-82 mostly truanted.

By John (12/08/2016)