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Andy Grant's tour

By Jennifer Drury

This week's tour guide

This week’s tour guide is Andy Grant. Andy is a local historian and has worked for many years as an online volunteer at My Brighton and Hove. Andy’s knowledge of the city is encyclopaedic in scope. His help in answering queries on the Message Board and responding to enquiries via the comments facility is invaluable. He is also a constant source of knowledge and assistance when I am researching topics for the website. You can see Andy’s personal tour of the site here.

Particular favourites

Most people who click onto the My Brighton and Hove website, regardless of whether they are diehard regulars or just occasional visitors, have their own particular favourite pages. It may be a school page they check to see if any old classmates have left a comment; it may be a page about a place that has special memories for them; or they may be one of the thousands of ex-Brightonians who visit a particular page when they are feeling homesick.

Share your special pages

This section gives everyone in the My Brighton and Hove community the opportunity to share their own favourite pages with us all. For every page, and every person, there is a reason why particular pages are special. So why not share your favourites with us? I have started the ball rolling with my selection and it was a very difficult choice. I do hope you enjoy looking at my favourites and also that maybe they take you to a part of the site – almost 10,700 pages now – that you have not visited before.

How to join in the tours

If you would like to join in, please email me at the address shown below. You just need to give us a short introduction, choose eight pages and then write about two sentences about each.

You can see the tour section here. I am really looking forward to hearing from you and reading about your favourite pages.

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