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Photo:'The Well' - play poster

'The Well' - play poster

Image reproduced with kind permission of Jonathan Brown

The Woodingdean Well - Hidden History Archive

By Jennifer Drury

Successful play

The Woodingdean Well has been a part of many people’s lives. It has also inspired a successful play entitled ‘The Well’, from local playwright, Jonathan Brown. But actually, not many people know about the well, or the stories connected with it. The play ‘The Well’, draws attention to this dormant heritage, and hopes to archive lost stories connected to the Woodingdean Well, with the Elm Grove Workhouse and the Warren Farm Industrial School.

An online archive

Jonathan Brown, the author of the play, and his team, want to hear your stories, your anecdotes, and see your photographs if you have any. Their intention is to build an online archive so that the story of this extraordinary construction can be shared. They also intend to run ‘Word-of-Mouth Workshops’, so the elders can tell their tales, in person, to the younger generation and pass on the heritage of the local area.

Would you like to be involved?

So, if you have stories or anecdotes, or know someone who does, that tell something of the history of the Woodingdean Well, the Workhouse or of Warren Farm (or Fitzherbert) School, then please get in touch with Jonathan at mail@jonathan-brown.co.uk or Laura Wright at laurasky4@hotmail.com You can leave a message on 0787 9832857 and we’ll call you back.

You can read more about ‘The Well’ at Jonathan Brown’s website here.  

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