Fawcett School

Bison Magazine 1950

By Fred Hards

I wonder if anybody can recognise the actors in this production or in the write up in the magazine of 61 years ago?

If you can recognise yourself, or anyone else, please leave a comment below.

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Photo:Fawcett School play

Fawcett School play

From the private collection of Fred Hards

Photo:Fawcett School play review

Fawcett School play review

From the private collection of Fred Hards

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Levenson was an imposing presence on the school stage and we thought he would go on to be a professional actor. Clive Lance emigrated to Canada and is now living in France, having had a photographic career. I thought the piece from the Brighton Herald astonishing. Music master Harry Bond could be frightening and erratic, and many I knew at Fawcett dreaded music lessons.

By Bill Hall (18/09/2011)