Downs County Primary School

Class 4b c1958

By Peter Grossmith

This photograph was recently found in a family album and had been labelled as 'Mr Phillips -  Class 4b', but who is the teacher on the left of the third row back?

Alexis Wood is third from the left in the second row.

If you recognise yourself, the teacher, or any pupils, or can accurately date the photograph, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Photo:Class 4b c1958

Class 4b c1958

From the private collection of Peter Grossmith

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Hi Peter, this was taken in the same year that I was at the Downs School, but not the same form. Obviously the teacher is not Mr. Phillips, I do remember the lady teacher, but I cannot for the life of me remember her name (only that she was a very pleasant woman). The children's faces I remember very well, but alas I can only recollect a couple of name for you - third row from the top - and the second from the right is Jennifer Keeble, and next to her is Avril Foster ( unfortunately passed away now). As I say, I remember most of the faces, but not the names. I am sure that someone from that class will enlighten you. Kind regards, Sandie Foster (nee Hagon).

By Sandie Foster (nee Hagon) (27/11/2011)

Hi Sandie, thank you for your help in adding a few more names to the photo. By the time this photo was taken I had left the Downs and moved onto Varndean but my future wife Alexis appears in this photo. Like you she can remember the pupil's faces but not their names. Best wishes Peter G.

By Peter Grossmith (08/01/2012)

I couldn't be sure but was the teacher's name Miss Girling and the boy in the middle row four boys from the left Terrance Mead?

By Ron Edmonds (13/04/2012)

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