Preston Technical Institute

Remembering old classmates

By Paul Tie

Great support and encouragement

From 1951 to 1953,  I attended Preston Technical Institute. I studied in the Electrical and Mechanical City and Guilds 1 to 5, and ONC Elec and Radio 1 and 2. Unfortunately I have no pictures or and little memory of my class mates or teachers, other than the fact that they were very helpful. They encouraged me to write the entrance exam for a new Diploma course that Brighton Tech was going to start, under the leadership of Dr Turner, that would qualify for the Admittance to the IEE as a professional Engineer.

Studying full time

In 1953 I entered the Diploma program at Brighton Tech on Lewes Road full time. There were over one hundred guys in the 1st year but only 17 of us graduated. Dr Turner left and went to head up the Post Office research lab in Manchester and Mr SWL Leathlean took over his post. Some of the teachers were RA Fears, L Duncombe, Mr Fifer and Miss Evans taught maths.

Remembering old classmates

Classmates I remember were Yahada Dikko from Nigeria, he was brilliant with maths and theoretical stuff and always dressed in a three piece suit from Burton’s. He would seem to sit in the back of the class reading the newspaper, but always knew the answer when the Miss Evans would ask him a question, even when most of us were struggling to follow her. Others I remember are, AG King, FG Guppy, Ken Briggs, GFH Wilson, F Cottis and Stan Turner.

I live in Canada now but remember my time in Brighton with great affection. I would love to get in touch with old classmates. If you can share your memories of Preston Tech, please leave a comment below.

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Comments about this page

Paul, if you click on this link it will take you to a page on this website displaying a photograph of the students attending the Electrical Engineering National Diploma classes in 1953. Hope this is useful to you.

By Barrie Searle (23/03/2012)

I went to Preston Technical Institute 1960-62 for commercial subjects.  It was off the Lewes Road, and my good friends were Nora Stringer, Gillian ?, Margaret Harris and Dorothy ?   I would love to meet up with them again.  

By Teresa Scrase-Davey (18/12/2013)

City College are selling this building! A new era..

By Andrew (11/01/2016)

I was at Preston Technical Ins. in mechanical radio and electrical courses around 1952-3. I was there in summer 2016 and took some pictures of the old building under the arches and heard that it was sold and to be demolished. I went to Brighton College but found no-one there who had time to help me find my old class mates i.e. Michael Alexander from Crawley or Frank Langmaid from Shoreham. I'll be back summer 2018. Would love to meet them. Paul Tie Ten Quee, Ottawa, Canada. 

By Paul (13/10/2017)

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