Fitzherbert School

Class 3a 1956

By Mick Peirson

Mr. Crowley’s class of 1956

As an ex pupil of Fitzherbert  school in Woodingdean I am never surprised to see more bits and pieces of our history coming to light, and also coming together. I have been sent a photo of class 3a with Mr. Crowley our teacher in 1956. The photo was sent to me by Vera Wakefield (nee Bridger) who started school at the same time that I did at St. John the Baptist in 1948. We were in the same class until we left school I think in 1958. Vera gave me some of the names of our classmates and I have tried to fill in the rest.

Putting names to faces

I studied the photo for some days and some of the names gradually came back to me. Some I have not remembered no matter how hard I racked my brain. I am sincerely hoping that some of us are still alive and kicking and will see the photo and leave a comment. Thank you again Vera for the photo. The names that I recall are as follows:

Front row left to right: Anthony Thompson-Peter Mitchell-Brian Hodges-Melvin Hanson-John Anderson-Robert Tasker-Lionel Muir and Patrick Hollingdale.

2nd row left to right: Marion Fowler-Sandra Hurst-Vera Bridger-Maureen Bartholomew-Mr. Crowley-Linda Ridd-Don't know-Gwen Orton-Carole Burns.

3rd row left to right: Roger Provost-John Head-John Hill-Joe Downey-myself (Mick Peirson)-Marcus Thompson-Barbara Cox-don't know-Janet Ransdale-Louise Fitzgerald.

Back row left to right: Veronica Cooke-Ivan Marchant-Gerald Morton-Victor Dean-Christine Chapman-Patricia Daly-John Moore-don't know-Carol Fisher-Joan Lloyd.

Can you recognise yourself - or anyone else? Do you have any memories of this time you can share with us? If you can help, please leave a comment below.

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Photo:Class 3a Fitzherbert School 1956

Class 3a Fitzherbert School 1956

From the private collection of Vera Wakefield (nee Bridger)

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