St Joseph's School

First Communion 1951

By Tom Paul

Photo:First Holy Communion 1951: click on the photograph to open a large version in a new window.

First Holy Communion 1951: click on the photograph to open a large version in a new window.

From the private collection of Tom Paul

This is a St Joseph's School first Holy Communion group photographed in 1951.

Do you recognise yourself - or anyone else. Were these little chaps as angelic as they look?

If you can share any memories with us, please leave a comment below.

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Comments about this page

Hi Tom Paul, what a nice surprise. I've never seen this photo before; didn't know it existed. I'm puzzled as to why you have got it as you were not in this class/year. Anyway, I'm really pleased to see it, many thanks. I recognise most of the faces but can only come up with these names. Numbering 1-11 left to right No.2 Anthony Daly No.3 Frank Parker No.4 Barry Bishop No.6 Barry Kavanagh No.9 Douglas Hodson. Some of the other boys in that class/year were Richard Tarrant, Michael Eade, Frank Somerton and Phillip Wright.

By Anthony Daly (16/05/2012)

Hi Anthony Daly. I must confess that I did not know you from this photo. The reason that I have it is because I was present in position number 10. Of the remainder, I did think No.3 was Harry (or Henry) Sargent, and No.11 was Philip Wright. Regards Tom

By Tom Paul (17/05/2012)

Hi Tom, thanks for the explanation as to why you had the photo; didn't rcognise you. Did you make your First Communion in 1951? I must admit, No.3 does look a bit like Harry Sargent but he wouldn't have made his First Communion in 1951 would he? He's a year older than me. Really pleased to see the photo. Saw the photo of the scouts; I was in the troop for a very short while with my mate Doug Hodson, the troop used to meet at the Xaverian College at that time. Regards, Anthony.

By Anthony Daly (18/05/2012)

Hi Anthony. Yes, I was with the Scouts when we used to meet at Xaverian. I was at Xaverian after leaving St Joseph's. Yes I made my 1st communion in '51. I wonder if you have also seen the other photos that I have posted which included school outings and Mr Darby's class of 1954. Regards Tom

By Tom Paul (20/05/2012)

Hi Tom, sorry for the delay in replying to your previous note, been to Ireland for a while. Had a look at Mr. Darby's class 1954 and have left a comment on that page. Re the above photo, I think boy No.8 is Patrick Patten and no.11 is Laurence Howell.

By Anthony Daly (01/06/2012)

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