Paddle Steamers

The Brighton Belle

By Jennifer Drury

A shilling sicker

Paddle steamer Brighton Belle, originally named Lady Evelyn, was built in 1900. It was owned by P & A Campbell Ltd. Amongst holidaymakers, a paddle steamer cruise was nicknamed 'a shilling sicker' - you paid your shilling and if you were not a good sailor, you were very sick.

Involved in Dunkirk evacuation

Brighton Belle was involved in the evacuation of Allied soldiers from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk. But unfortunately,  after picking up 800 men, it struck a submerged wreck which had been mined a few hours earlier. Fortunately all the men were rescued, along with the crew and the Captain's dog. They were picked up by the Medway Queen, who went alongside as she was sinking.

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Photo:The Brighton Belle

The Brighton Belle

From the private collection of Tim Sargeant

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