Hove Park

The opening on Empire Day 1906

By Gordon Muggeridge

Hove Park was opened in 1906, and in that year the famous 'Goldstone', which previously stood for many years in farmland at Goldstone Bottom was moved there. If you want to read about the legend surrounding the 'Goldstone' you can do so here.

The park covers almost 40 acres and features a mix of large areas of open grass, mature trees, flower beds and recreational facilities. At the eastern edge of the Park is the ‘Fingermaze’, a piece of public sculpture carved into the park and lined with stone and lime mortar. The Fingermaze is a giant fingerprint which incorporates a Cretan labyrinth within its whirling design.

You can read more about Hove Park and its facilities here.

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Photo:Empire Day 1906: the opening of the new Hove Park

Empire Day 1906: the opening of the new Hove Park

From the private collection of Gordon Muggeridge

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Comments about this page

What are the buildings in the background of the photo?

By Julie Annets (17/08/2012)

That's a good question Julie; at first I thought it was looking north towards Goldstone Pumping Works, ie the corner of Nevill Road, that would make the building to the left the Greyhound Stadium site, which would have been open fields in 1906. The stadium was not built till the 20's/30's. My next guess is looking south-west towards Sackville and Old Shoreham Road junction. The Chimney would be from Hove Corporation Electricity Works, which was on the site of St Josephs Close. To the left would have been the Brighton & Hove Albion ground, which started in 1901, on the site of Goldstone Farm. Of course the big stands of the 40s, 50s would not have been there, however they did put a 8 ft fence round the ground in the very early days; perhaps that is what's seen!

By Peter Groves (18/08/2012)

There's a photo here of the Sackville/Football Ground/Hove Park area, 1921; http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/image/epw005164?search=brighton&ref=14. The Hove Electricity Works Chimney can be seen, also the football ground in its infancy and the big farm building behind it. Not sure if it sheds any light on the mystery?

By Peter Groves (18/08/2012)

I believe that the building in the background could be the Engineerium?

By Jenny Bainbridge (18/08/2012)

Whe you open the photo and then enlarge, its clear that it is the Goldstone Pumping Works /Engineerium in the background, the chimney matches perfectly. I have no idea what the two "huge" objects are to the left, where the Greyhound Stadium now stands, it was not there in 1906, its a mystery?

By Peter Groves (23/08/2012)

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