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As this is My B&H someone will know the correct answer here but I heard on Radio 4 (where else?) that US and UK 'roundabouts' have different names and go in different directions. One is a 'carousel' (USA I think), the other is a 'galloper'. However I can never remember which one goes which way which as this Brighton example has crossed the Atlantic at least twice, is rather confusing.

By Geoffrey Mead (05/07/2012)

Hi Geoff, in reply to your question Owen Smith tells me that you are quite right-the carousels in America do revolve opposite to our Gallopers. Also the Horses in America are carved trotting not galloping as ours.

By Tony Mould (08/07/2012)

Hi Geoff, Sorry I forgot to say the American Carousels revolve anti-clockwise and the English Gallopers clockwise. Apparently it is a very simple operation to change the direction.

By Tony Mould (08/07/2012)

I was wondering if you could tell me how many horses your gallops have and their names please as I am looking to put together an activity book for our next family day trip? Thank you.

By Fiona (19/10/2012)

Hi Fiona, I have spoken to Owen the proprietor of the "Golden Gallopers" and he tells me the Horses names are as follows. Terry,Kinsey,John,Sarah,Marie,Gerald,Gemma,Kelly,Carol, Rene,Janie,Judy,Lydia,Max,Laura,Rebecca,Malcolm,Ann,Kim,Neil,Ken,Michelle,Max,Brian,Claire,
David,Mark,Jamie,Josie,Megan,Reiss,Dion,Owen,Bill,Patricia,and Flo. In case you have lost count there are 36 Horses on the Galloper.

By Tony Mould (20/10/2012)

I was just wondering if anyone had contact details for Owen Smith assuming he is still the owner - I wanted to find out pricing options for bulk buying tickets (for a wedding party). Unfortunately I'm not down in Brighton to go in person for a few weeks.

By Laura (20/08/2014)

Hello, I also wanted contact details for my April wedding. It would be amazing if someone could help me track down a number or email. Please please please xxx 

By Helen (19/01/2015)

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