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Nostalgic indeed--especially as the West Pier was still standing. Of course, if you were standing on the shore, it might have been called the 'East Pier', but I was never very good at geography.

By Stefan Bremner-Morris (31/07/2012)

Stefan, it would always have to be called the West Pier as it was on the west side of Brighton. Of course then perhaps the Palace Pier should have been named the East Pier, but I don't really want to go there, it's bad enough with it now being called the Brighton Pier. Standing on the shore, I guess they could have been named the Left and Right Pier, but that would depend on which way you were facing!

By Peter Groves (01/08/2012)

Great photos! It looks just the same as when I left in 1958 (except the fashions of course). Love to see more, particularly of Whitehawk, Blackrock, Manor Hill, Sheepcote Valley,Ovingdean and Kemptown if you have any. But anything would be good.

Editor's note: Hello Eric - there is a small search box at the top of each page - all 11,000 of them. Put what you are looking for in the box and click on 'Go'. You will be surprised at what you find. Have fun. Jennifer

By Eric Cook (06/08/2012)

Thanks for the tip Jennifer. However, being a long time fan and regular visitor to this fabulous website I have used the search function a lot. In fact, in it I find many of the photos I myself have posted. I think I may have seen all there is up to now, but it is always good to see more as they come up. Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing with this site, I really appreciate your skill and dedication.

Editor's note: Thanks for your kind words Eric - hope you continue to enjoy visiting the site. And maybe you might think about writing up some more of your memories so I can make some new pages! Jennifer

By Eric Cook (07/08/2012)

I worked on the Palace Pier in the sixties, in the Deck Cafe, which served the best fish and chips ever. I served Telly Savalas and there was a buzz going round the cafe when alledgedly Christine Keiller was walking down the pier. I watched the mods and rockers from the cafe and what excitement it caused.

By Margaret Jones (28/01/2013)

To be honest, Peter, I have enough of a job trying to recall which pier is which, not being a local! But now the West Pier is temporarily down (pause for ironic laughter), it makes it easier. At least I can say I've been on both in the past!

By Stefan Bremner-Morris (28/01/2013)

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