Cannon Place

My favourite place

By Stefan Bremner-Morris

Visits to Brighton from London

My favourite place hasn’t existed for many years. It was my uncle Henry’s and wife Queenie’s house in Cannon Place. The Metropole Hotel bought it, along with others, for their extension. Prior to that, my parents and I used to stay there when visiting from London. I recall the house had an old blue and white, florally decorated, Victorian toilet with a trap door at the bottom, which dropped opened when you pulled the ancient cistern chain! I was also bitten remorselessly by the house cat’s fleas, when relegated to sleeping on the sofa!

I loved the cartoons

Uncle Henry was a strip cartoonist, working on comics like Radio Fun, ('The Falcon'), and as a kid I loved studying his drawings in their original format. Their son, Michael Heath, who lived at home in the early days, went on to become a humorous illustrator and cartoonist for Private Eye, and many other magazines, like the Oldie and now The Spectator.

Simple pleasures much missed

The house was about fourth or fifth along in the photograph here. Notice the Lambretta scooter parked by the wall - a real sixties icon. We had pleasant times there, with occasional libations in the hot summers, accompanied by Smiths crisps, pickled cucumbers, and lots of family stories of days long past! Simple pleasures, but good memories.

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Photo:Cannon Place photographed in 1966.

Cannon Place photographed in 1966.

Image reproduced with kind permission of The Regency Society and The James Gray Collection

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My parents were living in Cannon Place when I was born in 1943. I often wonder what the street was like back then. There was six of us living in the house, four children and our parents and also another family. We were there for about two years then we moved to Over Street by Brighton Station.

By Kathleen Catt (nee Cornford) (18/08/2012)

I'm thinking of producing a short film about life in the roads which now lie under Churchill Square. I would love to hear everyday life stories from people who lived there. If you're interested in contributing, contact  Many thanks.

By Dan (21/12/2012)

I lived in Cannon Street from 1945 and might like to share some memories with you. There was a Bakery on the corner and on the right side a small chapel. You can email my friend Jim on

By Ron (02/02/2013)

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