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My memories of The Level in the 40s and 50s are of the circus and fairs that used to be held there, playing football on a Sunday morning, sitting in one of the big sheds each side of the pond and being chased out by the park keeper. Great days - sadly gone now.

By Mick Hussey (27/03/2013)

In the late 50s, Billy Smart's Circus was on the Level. The circus came by train to Brighton Station on a Sunday and paraded from there, down Queen's Road to the Old Steine and back along to St Peter's Church.

By Michael Dartnell (29/03/2013)

The Level was where I played from about the age of 10. Me and my mates loved playing football there from the mid 60's onwards, it was definitely the 'coats for goalposts' era. We used to get there early on a Sunday morning and start with a few people in each team and people would join in as the morning went on. Looking back it was a terrible surface to play on with all the divots, even worse was avoiding the dog mess, but we made the best of it. Queens Park was OK but you couldn't find too many flat areas up there. It was tragic when all the trees were blown down in 1987 but it has recovered well. As for the 'new' Level, we'll have to wait and see. With a third of the grass area being covered I wonder if there is enough grass to accommodate games like football.

By Paul Clarkson (29/03/2013)

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