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In regards to the Shoe Tree which is due to be felled in the autumn; all the trainers from the tree are in safe keeping and people will get the chance to see the trainers etc. Being the City's Volunteer Elm Inspector I am hoping to put an exhibit together in Brighton Art Gallery and Museum which will be in conjunction with the unique 40 year history of the boarders locally and the elm trees on the Level plus history locally. I hope a slab of the elm in question will be cut from the trunk of the tree and if it's sound the annual rings will be marked to show significant local and national historic events plus the establishment of skateboarding in the city. The slab I hope will be stood in a cabinet along with some of the trainers and may involve some of the makers notes on the trainer designs. Anyone who wants to contribute anything in this unusual local history aspect please don't hesitate to contact me here. There is a hope to have a tree planted in memory of the Shoe Tree and to have a mention of similar trees worldwide. This is getting interest from skateboarding suppliers locally as well as the press. Such a chance like this should not go wasted as like the elms, skateboarding is one of the many aspects of our city's unique historical scene.

By Peter Bourne (09/08/2018)