Preston Park

Memories across the years

By Diana Anstead

Photo:Preston Park: the pond and rose garden

Preston Park: the pond and rose garden

Photo by Tony Mould

Military testing in 1945

I remember Preston Park with a great deal of fondness. My family lived in the house at the top of Black Hill and although Hove Park was almost equal distance to walk, Preston Park was our favourite. I suppose it was during the last year of the war that my father took me down to watch the military testing the latest amphibian vehicles in preparation for the invasion. It was while crossing the park, again with my father, that I saw and heard the final throb of V2 rockets. I also remember walking down South Road to see the miles and miles of vehicles lining up along the London Road as they waited for the invasion order.

The memories linger on

In the 1950s I belonged to the Girls’ Guildry, and every Friday evening in the summer, we would play a stoolball match against another G.G. company at Preston Park. On a Wednesday evening friends and I would go and watch the bicycle races in the cricket ground. In the 1960,s my father played bowls in Preston Park and I would spend many hours watching his team. Whenever we return to Brighton, my husband and I always take a sentimental walk through the rose garden, the park and the cricket ground; like everything else time has wrought changes but the memories linger on.

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The static water basin was used to test the waterproofing of tanks in preparation for D-Day, it can be seen still in place in this 1946 aerial view Also I have a photo of it, it would go well with this page!

By Peter Groves (29/03/2013)