The Odeon Cinema, Hove

Saturday Morning Pictures Club c1950s

By Nickie Preston

The children who went to Saturday morning pictures at The Odeon in Hove collected tin foil to buy a guide dog for the blind. The picture is of the presentation, in about 1955, with my cousin Barrie and his friend Michael.

Photo:Raising money for a guide dog

Raising money for a guide dog

From the private collection of Nickie Preston

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I remember going to Saturday morning pictures at the Odeon, Hove just after the war. On the right-hand side facing the cinema and just opposite Hove station used to be an old block of land full of caves. Does anybody know anything about these caves and why were they there?

By Derek Tanner (23/03/2016)

I loved going to the Odeon, Hove on Saturday mornings and other times. A couple of times I managed to sneak in the side exit doors.  

By Richard White (13/05/2016)

When the cinema closed it became a bowling alley. My dad always referred to it as 'The Lido', and I seem to remember reading that it used to be an ice rink. Does anybody know its history?

By Geoff Stoner (04/12/2016)