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I well remember the coronation street party when I was a kid. I lived in Bennett Road. My mum and our neighbour Betty Bishop had the idea of getting up a street party for the kids. Things were a bit tight financially so soon after the war so my mum and Betty went around the street knocking on doors to see what the other residents thought of the idea. It went very well it seems, the collection was very generous. There was enough food and goodies for all to feast on. There was entertainment in the form of a clown and musicians. I was a bit greedy and stuffed my face with Peak Frean's wafer biscuits and felt sickly for hours which served me right. It was a momentous day and the weather was good for a change. I have often wondered if there were ever any photos of the party so long ago, I have never seen any. All the kids at my school (St John the Baptist) were given a blue coronation mug with an apple sitting in the top. Long time ago but well remembered.

By Mick Peirson (21/07/2013)