Regent Ballroom

Wonderful memories of Syd Dean

By Gloria Groeger nee Stephens

Photo:Syd Dean and the band

Syd Dean and the band

From the private collection of Trevor Chepstow

Dancing the night away

In the mid 1950s my twin sister Sylvia and I, spent many wonderful evenings dancing the night away in the Regent Ballroom. Syd Dean was simply great. I still remember the gold gilt chairs in the ballroom.  I sewed a number of dance outfits, as I wanted to feel like a million dollars while I was dancing, and did not have much money with which to do that. We danced everything in those days, having had lessons.  How much better can life get than doing the quick-step, foxtrot or waltz and gliding across the floor until you think you are flying? I recently wore one of the circular skirts I used to wear at the Regent to a sock-hop here in Maryland where I now live in the United States, and it was perfect. 

Met the love of my life

I remember the Latin American numbers, they had such an exotic beat to them. We also enjoyed the Old Tyme nights. Later on in the 1950s, when the love of my life came into my life, he joined me at the Regent. To this day we often say that there was nothing like dancing at the Regent Ballroom. He had not known anything like that in Western Germany, and we still have yet to see anything like it in America. What wonderful memories we all have of Syd Dean and the Regent Ballroom and it really does not bear thinking of that it no longer exists.

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