One Church Brighton

Photo:One Church: Florence Road

One Church: Florence Road

One Church Brighton

Photo:One Church: Gloucester Place

One Church: Gloucester Place

One Church Brighton

Amalgamated in 2010

By Mollie Tyler

One Church Brighton is a new church that has been around for years. That does not seem to make sense, but it really is true. In 1895 Florence Road Baptist Church was opened in the Fiveways area of Brighton. Gloucester Place Baptist Church opened a few years later in 1904, located in central Brighton. Both churches have been active and thriving over the years and thousands of people have been through the doors, with hundreds of children and young people attending different events and weekly activities. Gloucester Place was notably hit by a stray bomb in World War II but the congregation rebuilt the damaged walls and carried on as before.

In early 2010, through the encouragement of the minister at Gloucester Place, both churches got together to consider the possibility of joining to become one, united church. This was not a new idea, in fact it was proposed in 1962 and then again in 1990, but then it was felt that the time was not right. However, on the 18th July 2010, the members of both churches voted overwhelmingly to become one, new, baptist church, and that is One Church Brighton.

If you would like to find out more about One Church Brighton and their many activities and events, visit their website here.

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