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Peter (or 'Time Lord') Groves...that is a masterpiece of reconstruction! I teach landscape studies where we study changing landscapes over time and that is an excellent distillation of change at Hollingbury industrial estate. The key theme of all landscape studies is that all landscapes show 'Continuity and Change' and this article encapsulates that. Well done! (ps I declare an interest, as I have lived in Hollingbury for the past 25 years.)

By Geoffrey Mead (30/11/2017)

Many thanks Geoff, lots more on Hollingbury Ind Estate to come, thanks again!

By Peter Groves (30/11/2017)

Thank you Peter Groves. I have been searching for the building where I worked in 1966 /1967 such happy memories on my life journey. I actually made the 'ding' striker for the cookers in my time at Smiths. Any photos of workers in 1966?

By Dave (04/02/2018)

Dave I think I have one of the workers returning to Smiths after lunch. I can email it to you if you want to contact me

By Peter Groves (05/02/2018)

Thanks Peter, any photo would be kind.

By Dave (15/03/2018)

Do we know who was the Boss in 1966?

By Dave (18/03/2018)