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Great story and photographs. Thanks for posting

By Andy Mountford (11/02/2014)

Agree with Andy; fascinating. I bet the school would love to have copies of your photographs.

By Janet Beal (13/02/2014)

Thanks Janet and Andy. The main reason for putting the page on MyBrightonandHove was to ensure that the photos wouldn't be lost. I saw the other postings for Stanford Road School and none had class photos as early as this. If anyone at the school wants copies, please email me at  Also, I have just finished reading a fascinating book on the history of the Imperial War Graves Commission (Empires of the Dead by David Crane), and the story behind the creation of all the cemeteries in France. One of the negatives of having all the war graves in France (there was a BIG argument over whether families should be allowed to bring home their dead) was that the poorer families could not afford to visit the graves, and hence the war memorials like the one at Stanford Road School were very important to the parents who lost sons. Hence I was keen to get the 1921 photo of the memorial published as well.

By Geoffrey Barber (16/02/2014)