101a Gloucester Road

Photo:Shop window, 101a Gloucester Road

Shop window, 101a Gloucester Road

Photo by David Sawyer

A surreal shop window

By David Sawyer, illustrator

Surrealism wanted to shock people and did so by mixing together objects from different contexts. In the North Laine that's a common place. Think Surrealism, think Magritte and this photograph explains itself.

Image and text from the 'My Brighton' exhibit
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I don't understand how this is the view from 101a Gloucester Road.... What is the shop opposite?

By Joni Donoghue (14/08/2008)

I think you'll find Joni that the shop opposite is "The Emporium". I used to visit both shops though I preferred 101a, in fact I still have a lot of the clothes I bought there to this day. "The Emporium" had a large collection of leather clothes and I was more of a young fogey. I also used to go to Mr Rosen's but I had a falling out with him, his parents were nice though and they really knew how to sell clothes. I ended up getting a blue zoot suit once worn by Dennis Quiley in a theatrical production called "Tyger" thanks to Mr Rosen Snr. To this day I haven't a clue why or how I got talked into buying it (it's several sizes too big for me) but I can't part with it. I'd often get clothes a bit further down at "Ivy's" too.

By Brian Combe (24/10/2008)

When was this photo taken?

By Loretta Elder (23/11/2010)

Hello, I worked at 'Ivy's ' in 1993 with her son Mick who at the time owned the shop and the one next door. I loved it, the customers, the clothes and atmosphere of the area. I live in Australia and places like that shop are very rare.

By Sally Tregellis Nee Kershaw (20/10/2011)