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Please help if you can. Any information on a nightclub entertainer/singer/guitar.. Mike Turner - 1960'ish. Please contact me on

By Paul Jones (17/05/2007)

Hello I'm part of a team making a documentary about British holidays in the 1960s. We're looking for people who ran or stayed in Brighton guest houses at this time. We're also looking for people who might have cine film of their holidays here. If you have anything of interest do get in touch. I'm on

By Charlie (19/07/2011)

Hi Paul Jones, I have information about the "Mike Turner" (flamenco guitarist) that you're seeking but your email address is no longer valid. Please contact me amiga23 @ telus . net (remove spaces). And if anyone reading this knows who the original poster "Paul Jones" is, please direct him to this post.

By A. Baldwin (13/12/2014)