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Your "Dig for Victory" article was most interesting, especially page 3. Councillor Walter Clout was my grandfather. He certainly practiced what he preached. He was a wonderful gardener, growing all kinds of fruit and vegetables. This is a great site, many thanks.
By Judith Payne (03/07/2006)

To Judith Payne, I was at St Luke's Terrace School from 1930 to 1936 - when I committed the unforgivable sin of becoming 14 years old and was forced to leave. One of the boys in my class was Billy Clout. Could he have been related to your grandfather? If Billy is still around I'd like to hear from him, and perhaps visit next time I come to Brighton. Kind regards, Bob Green, formerly of 7 Firle Road, Brighton

By Robert (Bob or Robin) Green (06/03/2007)

From inheritance, I have a Handbook of Brighton from 1937. Any interest?

By Robert P. Versteeg (15/01/2008)