Athina B

A very dark and stormy night

by David Fisher

In January 1980 I lived in Crescent Place, off Marine Parade, close to Royal Crescent. One dark and stormy night I was listening to the 1am news on the BBC World Service, which reported that a freighter was adrift just off the Brighton coast and had been abandoned by its crew.

Drifting by the Palace Pier
I put on my coat, went out and pressed through the wind and rain along the seafront. I could see lights on the ship roughly opposite New Steine and seemingly not much further out than the end of the Palace Pier.

World news on my doorstep
There were very few people about at that time of night and it was purely by chance that I knew what was going on. It was impressive that news intended for hearing around the world was unfolding virtually on my doorstep with few witnesses. I went back next day with my camera, as did many others, to see the beached ship. I still have some colour slides somewhere.

A personal footnote
By chance, I got married at the end of that week, but that's another story.

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