Atlingworth Street

First named in 1296

Text from the 1994 'My Brighton' exhibit

Atlingworth was the second largest area in the town and was first named in 1296. The Manor of Atlingworth was acquired in the late 18th century by solicitor William Attree.

Before the street was developed in the late eighteenth century it was no more than a path from the open cliff top to the "leakway" (later to become St. James's Street) that separated the Upper Furlong from the Cliff Furlong. These two furlongs to the east of the Palace Pier were known as the Little Laine.

In the 1770s, houses to accommodate the increasing number of visitors to the town were built in this, and other parallel streets, in the Laine. Currently the area still has many boarding houses and hotels and is often referred to as "bed-and-breakfast land".

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