Photo of winches on Brighton beach, 1972

By Kerry Garland

This was taken by me when I lived in Brighton in 1972 just before a storm which damaged the winches seen in the foreground (West Pier in background). I wonder if they are still there?

Photo:Winches and West Pier 1972

Winches and West Pier 1972

Kerry Garland

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There are still a couple of winches on the beach, displayed as part of the Fishing Museum. I don't think they are the same ones, though.

By Tom James (04/04/2010)

My brother Kerry has sadly passed away since this photo was uploaded - good to see his photo is still here. I used to visit him in Brighton before he moved to Bath, and then Leeds.

By Moira Garland (26/03/2011)

Thank you so much for this article; it saved me time!

By Grizzly (28/12/2011)