Memories of Cannon Place Beach, Brighton, 1930s

Jack Waller, Canada.

"Pop" Waller's beach was there until the Second World War closed all the beaches. Chris Hatton of Brighton Boxing Club one of the Hatton brothers had a beach on the other side of the pier. Pop Waller was my grandfather and I grew up on that beach, when the SW winds allowed!). The beach was known as "Cannon Place Beach" or "Cannon Place Bathing Station". I have a fine postcard of the beach in its full glory (1938).

After the war of course Brighton Corporation ended the idea of "paid admission" beaches. My father Robert Waller married one of the two Brighton Taylor swimming family girls (Cissie Waller nee Taylor). The Taylor's grandfather was a co-founder of Brighton Swimming Club. He - the grandfather - was also publican of the King and Queen pub tucked away at the bottom of St. James' Street.

It would be nice to see the beach named again (see the enamelled plaque on the promenade railing) officially as "Cannon Place Beach". Our Cannon Place lifeguard (twin of Frank Holland of Lancing) was killed in the war (Fred Holland RAF Bomber Command).

Sic transit gloria . . .My regards to you all!

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