Black Rock lido

Aerial view

Photo:Aerial view of Black Rock swimming pool

Aerial view of Black Rock swimming pool

Image reproduced with permission from Brighton History Centre

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In the years 1947 to 1950 I used to live in the top flat of the centre house of Arundel Terrace immediately above the Lido - it can be clearly seen in the aerial photograph. I was a pupil at St. Mark's primary school just a few hundred yards up the main road - centre right. I have so many memoires and I was only about 7 years old at the time!

By Howard Grey (17/08/2003)

I was born in Brighton in 1950 and I have fond memories of visiting the pool with my family of six children. We migrated to Australia in 1960, this is the first time that I have seen a photograph of the complex in 44 years.

By Bob Young (29/06/2004)

As a teenager in the late 1950s, I used to buy a swimming pool season ticket for 7 shillings and 6d - entry from May to September!  Pete Savage, his sisters and friends used to 'live' there - a paradise. On rainy days we would build giant camps with deck-chairs, and play Jokari, or flirt with the foreign students, or taunt the lifeguards. Tragic that so fine a building was demolished.

By Don Grant (29/01/2008)

I was taught to swim by my father at the pool and we attended  most Sundays (weather allowing) during the summer of the sixtys. To us it was a family day out with up to 15 of our extended family joining us. Later in 1976 I joined the staff as a lifeguard and worked in the bar at night. It was well known to all the staff that the pool was in a poor state of repair and the filtering system, the original fittings I think, was on its last legs and the councils policy was to keep the pool operating all the time. No monies had to be spent on the sight. A great shame as the sight, so close to the Marina, is still a derelict empty plot which could have been a great asset to the town.

By Dave Wells (18/07/2008)

Does anybody remember the open air swimming pool at Rottingdean? I went there as a boy in the 1950's. It was much smaller than Black Rock pool.

By John Boxell (25/07/2008)

Another sad indictment of rotten Brighton planning vandalism and a great loss to the town, especially as the Marina is now pretty much a dull slum and the pool site is a waste-ground. Something really good could have been done with it. Saltdean Lido still manages as an outdoor pool. I went swimming there in 1970 and remember having to make a big effort to get to the side .because it was filled with fresh water.!

By Ken Standing (28/12/2009)

I and my brothers and sister spent many a day here. I remember I broke my big toe in the baby pool and had to be taken to the rsch by ambulance. Felt very silly being carried out. I lived in Hervey road. Had 5 brothers and one sister. Frank (now sadly passed away) Ken, Brian, Robin, Antony and Carole my sister. Someone out there must remember us!

By Maureen Doughty/nee muzzall (24/10/2010)

Yes, Black Rock swimming pool - we spent every day we could there in the summer, the crowd from Manor Crescent. Anyone remember the brown man - great diver - there everyday. Always dobbed you in if you sneaked in by way of the rocks from the beach!!

By marina (13/04/2011)

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