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The Boucher family photographs are reproduced with the kind permission of Brighton and Hove Museum

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Photo:L-R: Eneis, Ernest and Elizabeth de la Graves

L-R: Eneis, Ernest and Elizabeth de la Graves

Brighton and Hove Museum

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As long as I can remember, my father, Herbert Saunders, used to visit a gentleman called Mr Ernest De la Graves, who was a professor of the violin. It must have been during the 1960s-1980s I think. They used to chat for an hour or so. (I don't know how they met as he was from a different social class to us). I remember Dad telling me once that Ernest taught Sir Ralph Richardson how to play a string instrument and Sir Ralph always turned up for lessons  on his motorbike. Ernest always sent us a Christmas card and Dad had great respect for him and loved talking to him. I wonder if this is the same gentleman as the young boy in the photo? Would anyone know?

By Diane (28/09/2014)