Brighton Pier

A poem

By René Dee

Victoria Regina once walked on her planks.
Day-trippers now regulars: full of gusto and pranks.
Withstanding force-niners and lashings of rain,
It stands as a beacon; a redoubt this is plain.
Generations of families, kids young and old
Have cantered, caroused, canoodled so bold
Up and down its boardwalks and peered into sea
Through cracks terrifying, no broader than pea!
The Ghost Train, Helter Skelter, Shy;
The Dodgems, Arcades, Rollercoaster all vie
With space where the fishing takes place.
If you can't catch a Mackerel: go for Plaice.
Have your palm read or chew Toffee Apple.
Lads hit the punch ball and grapple;
Drink lager and beer: eat cockles and mussels,
Face deck chair to sun, away from the gulls!
It's a day out with bracing sea air,
It's a time for the fun of the fair.
The Pier is for all and open all seasons:
Without sea around it, would be without reason.

Brighton, December 2001
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