Brighton Station

Did you know? - offences by Victorian staff

By Rita Denman

There are railway workers among the ancestors of our family tree and at one point I went to Kew Record Office to look at the original records of the Southern Railway. I didn't find anything to help my researches but I did make notes of some fascinating bits of information that brings those bygone days alive.

General offences:
Drivers - running short of steam.
Fireman - keeping engine bell in dirty condition

William Coomber Sept 1879.
Fined 1 weeks pay for letting off fireworks on Kemp Town Branch causing unnecessary correspondence.

William Hine of Newhaven - Brighton- Fratton
Born 1850. Date of entering service Sept. 1866.
Continually losing time with his trains for mismanagement.

Alfred Pelling
Born 1857. Entered service 1874 as cleaner. Fireman 1876. Driver 1884.
1875 fined 1 days pay for running hosepipe through broken window in cleaners room onto cleaners locked in.
Overshooting platform.
Mis-management of engine.
Resigned on pension 1912.

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