Bristol Estate

Photo:Chadbourne Close

Chadbourne Close

Photo by Chris Kift

Photo:Donald Hall Road has its show as well

Donald Hall Road has its show as well

Photo by Chris Kift

Photo:Just a bin area?  Or could this be Provence?

Just a bin area? Or could this be Provence?

Photo by Chris Kift

In bloom

By Chris Kift

Although this forgotten part of East Brighton feels isolated it does still have people with pride in their neighbourhood, who take time to tend small plots of land that brighten up the bland grey tower blocks and flats.

There will be more planting throughout the year, trees, bushes and flowers to enhance or Bristol Estate.

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The flower beds in these pictures are lovely. It's a shame that the rest of the estate is not the same. It's 2010 now and the gardens around the estate are a mess. These are old pics, and the gardens around the community hall are very unkempt. The one in Moulscoomb puts ours to shame and the activities there are far better then we can expect to go on in ours. Kids here have to play on the streets or find somewhere to make a camp as there is nothing for the young kids on Bristol estate for then to do. We have kids in the allotments making themselves a nuisance. They play ball on the green between the flats and this is because we need a properly run communal hall and someone to run it with the kids' needs put first.

By Val Judd (03/07/2010)