Ditchling Road

I've arrived at last

By Martin Nimmo

One of my favourite views is from the top of the steep bit of Ditchling Road (somewhere about Roundhill Crescent) looking south towards St Peter's Church and the sea. This is my preferred approach to the town centre when arriving from the North (it avoids the London Road traffic as a bonus!). You get a feeling of "I've arrived at last!

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That'd be Prince's Crescent, Martin - or possibly Roundhill Road. Roundhill Crescent is some way off to the south-east. The old St Saviours's Church used to be just opposite, until it was demolished and replaced with a block of flats. Unusual for a church to be totally demolished, though of course they often get converted. Does anyone know of any other churches in the area that have disappeared completely?

By Len Liechti (24/02/2010)