Extra-mural cemetery

A haven of peace

By Roger Stickland

I think that my favourite place in Brighton has to be the extra-mural cemetery off Lewes Road. It is a haven of peace and wildlife in what is an ever increasingly stressful city, populated by irritating London immigrants.

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This is just the most fascinating place.
By Anthony Eade (17/12/2003)
When I were a wee lad in the 1930s my mum used to send me down to a shop in Lewes Rd to get some dog biscuits. I would go home through the cemetery eating the biscuits as I was always hungry. My mum told me that I would start barking as I got older
By Colin Webb (09/04/2005)

Where is it exactly?

By Anonymous (29/01/2007)

My great-grandfather is buried right on the edge of the cemetery, which we think is because he committed suicide [1920]. I wonder if anyone knows if suicides were put in a peripheral bit of the cemetery?

By Nicholas Fleischmann (14/03/2010)