Foundry Street

Origins of the name

Foundry Street was named after the Regent Iron Foundry which stood at the end of the street on North Road. Its houses, like many in the North Laine, were originally occupied by foundry workers. In 1885, No. 19 was sold for £815, a considerable sum, when properties were easily rented out.

Decline of the iron industry
Once the railways had established links to northern industrial centres, iron could be imported cheaply and the Regent Foundry, along with others in the town, declined. The same house fetched only £300 in 1928, and in 1965 was valued at a mere £375, reflecting the run-down state of the North Laine. In 1977 the Council created the North Laine conservation area and began providing for its development.

Text from the 1994 My Brighton museum exhibit
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